[Pronunced "Misch" a shortened form of "Mititei"]

A Romanian meat roll made from beef and pork or lamb with garlic flavouring, Mici is just the thing for barbecues, parties or a quick meal.  Anywhere you might use beefburgers, Mici can be served as a lively and interesting alternative.

In Romania it is traditionally 'street food' but is also eaten at home.



Mici are best barbecued, but they can be grilled or cooked in a frying pan or air fryer. Cooking time about 20 minutes on a grill (or a little less by the other methods), turning frequently until cooked right through - but take care not to overcook them and dry them out.


PORK MICI INGREDIENTS: Pork, stabiliser: E500 sodium bicarbonate, spices (garlic, pepper, paprika), sugar, spice extracts, salt, vegetable protein hydrolysates.
This product does not contain allergens.

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